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Features & Specs

  • Disk Space: unlimited
  • Monthly Transfer: unlimited
  • SubDomain: unlimited
  • Email Accounts: unlimited

Price & Money back

  • $7.16 Monthly
  • $7.16 per month for 6 months
  • $5.56 per month for 12 months
  • $4.76 per month for 24 months
  • $3.96 per month for 36 months
  • 45-Day Moneyback

Advantages of HostGator

  • SQL databases
  • 45 Day Money Back
  • $100 GoogleAdwords

Online Marketing Bonus

  • $100 Google AdWords
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Founded: 2002

Support: 1.866-964-2867

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About HostGator Company

Hostgator has become one of the most well-known web hosting by doing something simple yet uncommon in the business: keeping their promisesو delivering top-rate products and answering their support calls. And of course, by having a great logo.

Hostgator offers web hosting through three different plans with names that fit the HostGator company logo : Business , Baby and Hatchling . All these plans include unlimited bandwidth and disk space . For customers with higher demands, there are several packages for dedicated servers and reseller hosting.

Hostgator provides support via live chat , fax , phone and email 24/7 . They also guarantee a 99.9% uptime, granting customers a full month's refunds if they fail to keep deliver. Hostgator does not bind its clients to long-term contracts ; the agreement can be canceled at any time . If you should choose to leave within the first 45 days , you will get a full refund with their money back guarantee.

hostgator control panel

Control Panel

  • cPanel
hostgator database


  • MySQL
  • PHPMyAdmin
hostgator site

On-site Site Building

  • SiteBuilder
hostgator blog

Easy-install Blog

  • WordPress
  • b2evolution
  • pMachine
  • Nucleus
hostgator ecommerce


  • SSL
  • Shared SSL
  • Ecommerce Scripts
  • osCommerce
  • Zen Cart
  • CubeCart
  • Agora Shopping Cart


  • POP3
  • IMAP
  • Email Forwarders
  • Webmail Interface
  • Anti-Spam
  • Anti-Virus
hostgator platform


  • Linux
  • Unix
hostgator scripts

Server Side Scripts

  • PHP
  • CGI
  • SSI
  • Ruby on Rails
hostgator support


  • Ticket-based Support
  • Email Support
  • Phone Support
  • Available 24/7
hostgator statistic

Web Statistic

  • Raw Log Manager
  • Referrer Logs
  • AWStats
  • Error Logs
  • Webalizer

Average Rating of HostGator

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Reliability & Uptime




Price Value


HostGator Code of Conduct

If there is a Money Back Guarantee, HostGator will make sure to live by it and not hide something at all in the fine-print.

When the contract comes to an end it is available to cancel contract if the client so wishes. If the provider does not live up to its promise the end consumer will be able to cancel it . A customer that wishes to transfer their web site to a new domain name will be able to do so according to the set rules in the contract.
Your personal information will not be passed on to third parties and the provider will refrain from "spam" practices.
There will be no surprise cost saying you has gone over the allotted monthly transfer, storage or RAM.

HostGator’s basic plan costs you as much as $7.16 per month or as little as $3.96 per month, which requires a 36-month commitment ($142.56). You can also but hosting to 2 years at $4.76/month ($114.24) or 1 year at $5.56/month ($66.72). HostGator company also offers a 45 days money back guarantee . Technically, I could have paid just $3.96 for the trial period, but I generally avoid the hassle when a webhost offers a month-by-month pay schedule—saving $3.20 simply isn’t worth the extra processing.

The hatchling plan, whether you pay $3.96 or $7.16 per month or somewhere in between, includes unlimited bandwidth , unlimited disk space , instant back up , a shared SSL certificate , site builder , a 99.9% uptime guarantee and support for up to one domain. The hatchling plan doesn’t contain a free domain name for a year , but you can buy that directly through HostGator during the register process. At no point does HostGator require a contract, and they make it easy for you to upgrade from the hatchling plan to the "business plan" or "baby plan" seamlessly and at any point. All you have to do is spend the difference.

If you choose to opt out at any point during the first 45 days, HostGator company refunds 100% of your money. After 45 days end , they prorate it, and return the difference. In addition, if you pay $7.16 for the first month and then want to upgrade to a longer term . HostGator also guarantees 99.9% uptime, and they’ll refund a prorated amount anytime they fall below that mark. HostGator company have on occasion had to spend. It doesn’t happen often, and the last time was in 2009, but it’s comforting to know they stand by the guarantee. Overall , they do very well , and have maintained a 99.906% uptime since late 2005.

Of all the webhosts I’ve reviewed, few interact with their customers as well as HostGator does. A big cause for this is that HostGator embraces social networking. They’re active on their Twitter account as well as their Facebook page , where they post status updates and even respond to customer questions that have broad appeal. For more personal help support, they provide 24/7 access through live chat, telephone and email . They also have a support ticket system available through their help support portal . The portal also provides you access to video tutorials, community forums, a wide range of articles and a sophisticated search mechanism that lets you query the knowledgebase.

In order to hostgator company the help support firsthand, I discussed to a help agent using the live chat system to ask them some of questions. Wen i opened the chat, I didn’t have to wait long to start talking to the agent. I played up the task of the newbie, and threw a collection of softball questions out there . Then I began to ask difficult questions , like as one that dealt with installing a module for one of the supported systems . They answered the question easily by pointing me to a well-detailed guide on the very subject. That works good for me, but this is the cause some call too impersonal.

• Live Chat
• Support Ticket System
• Phone
• Fax
• Email
• Snail Mail
• Facebook , Twitter , Knowledgebase and Forums

As you can see you'll have a lot of different options if you need to get in contact with the support team

I think that HostGator is user friendly and you should have no problem managing your site . With HostGator you’ll get to work in the well know cPanel. You’ll recognize everything if you’ve used this control before and if you haven’t you’ll still find everything .

Overall, I had a tremendous experience with HostGator company , and found them to be just as well suited to large Web enterprises as they are small blogs form WordPress . The account creation process was simple. The control panel " cpanel " is intuitive and powerful. And the resources are wonderful , especially if you’re a DIYer. I should note that if there is a prevailing complaint about HostGator company it’s that they continue to charge visa cards even after the account closes. I experienced no such troubles . Of course, I’ve also made it habit of contacting my CC company whenever I close accounts with regular payments. I think that all web masters ought to employ that strategy.

Pros And Cons of HostGator

45-day money back guarantee , Cheap hosting plans , Friendly 24/7 customer support , Included hosting features and Reliable uptime .

Somewhat expensive domain registrations and Only weekly server backups